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NucleoCore adsorption column is aimed to eliminate extracellular DNA in the extracorporeal procedures. NucleoCore column sorbs the extracellular DNA from patient’s blood plasma.

Therapeutic indications

Selective plasmoperfusion of DNA using NucleoCore column helps in treating patients with expected acute kidney injury (AKI) or present AKI of any stage according to the criteria established in clinical guidelines in order to reduce excessive formation of neutrophil traps in blood and kidney tissue preventing from the secondary nephron lesion induced by plasma extracellular DNA.

Theoretical background for application

High level of extracellular DNA (exDNA) can be found in patients suffering from systemic lupus erythemarosus, sepsis, rhabdomyolisis, severe trauma, or poisoning. All those diseases provoke the development and progression of acute kidney injury (AKI), which is a common cause of death.

Moreover, it was demonstrated that the elevation of free exDNA in the patient’s blood correlated with the clinical exacerbation and laboratory signs of the disease. The blood release of exDNA from macrofages of lesioned tissues is the key element between the major disease and the development of AKI. The accumulation of exDNA in the bloodstream correlates with the development of AKI in patients with some severe diseases. Therefore, the removal of exDNA from the bloodstream can prevent the patients with AKI from death. The animal experiments showed clinical efficacy and safety of exDNA elimination in NucleoCore columns.


NucleoCore columns are released in plastic cases of 150 in volume. The column specificity to nucleic acids, particularly extracellular DNA, is provided by sorbents, i.e. active ingredients. Sorbent is based on an inert polysaccharide matrix and recombinant human bis-meta histone H1.3.


Type of plasmaseparator — membrane / centrifugal
Single-use  — no
Shelf-Life — 2 years


  • Model Sorbent volume Binding capacity
  • NucleoCore 100 mL 20 ± 5 mg of DNA

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