POCARD Ltd. portfolio includes (produces) the largest series of adsorption columns used for the treatment of a wide range of diseases in the procedures of therapeutic apheresis.

  • Treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • Treatment of autoimmune diseases
  • Transpantation
  • Treatment of sepsis and septic shock
  • Treatment of kidney failure

General Information

Each column is a high-technology device aimed to specifically bind and remove the specific pathogenic components circulating in the blood.

Active component of the column is a sorbent consisting of the inert matrix and immobilized ligand unique for each type of columns.

Any protein such as antibody, enzyme, peptide, chemical compound, oligosaccharide or aptamer can be used as ligands.

The frame provides the flow of liquids, i.e. blood, plasma, and solutions, through the column and keeps the sorbent inside.

The columns are mainly intended for plasma sorption procedures, but there are hemocompatible columns that can be used for whole blood sorption, such as Toxipak.

General principles of procedure

Columns are used in extracorporeal procedures of plasmo- or hemoperfusion

In the process of extracorporeal procedure patient's plasma or blood flows through the column. The target pathogenic molecules are specifically bound by the ligand. Purified blood is returned to the patient. The column is strongly specific to the target molecules, therefore no protein is lost during the procedure.

The speed of plasma flow through the column corresponds with the speed of circulation provided by the venous access and primary device for separating plasma (plasma separator). The duration of the procedure is 3 to 12 h depending on the type of procedure and pathological condition.

Hemoperfusion columns are single use, while most of the plasmoperfusion columns are regenerative and can be reused for the same patient multiple times.

Necessary conditions of use

Adsorption columns are used in specialized medical institutions equipped for extracorporeal procedures.
Vascular access is required for conducting the procedure provided through the peripheral or central vein depending on the type of the procedure.
Anticoagulants must be used during the whole procedure.

Order an adsorption column

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